Flying the North Atlantic with Ed Carlson


Transatlantic Flight Planning for General Aviation

Across the North Atlantic - A Pilot's Ultimate Adventure

1st flight across the North Atlantic? Need help with insurance? I can help you get coverage. Call or email me for details. Flying via BGBW, BGKK or BGSF? Need ONC's/Jepps? Critical Wx info? Required Survival gear? Groundschool? An experienced co-pilot? Aircraft ferrying/delivery? Preparation for the Icelandic inspection? Want to fly over and then visit Bergen, Berlin, London, Paris, The Normandy Beaches, Venice, Haifa, Israel, the Alhambra in Granada, Spain?
The flight over the North Atlantic is indeed exhilerating and challenging. Flying your airplane is easy. The notorious North Atlantic weather is the most important factor. This flight is only for those who are skilled, educated, and well prepared! Pilots who wish to "fly the pond" must hold at least a private pilot certificate with an instrument rating.

You will not be flying in a radar environment with flight following, frequent fuel stops, or multiple airport options. You will be flying over some of the most desolate, rugged and beautiful terrain on the planet. Your primary means of navigation will be via GPS, so you'd better have two (just in case).

Take Ed Carlson's comprehensive course on "How to Safely Fly the Pond". His dry humor, extensive knowledge of the critical North Atlantic weather, along with 200+ accident free crossings, make him a proven and experienced guide.

Upon completing my class you will be able to check the current and forecast North Atlantic weather, file a flight plan from Goose Bay, crawl into your immersion suit, snap a mental salute to Jack London, Beryl Markham, Charles Lindburgh, Antoine de St. Exupery, and commence the most exciting and adventurous flight of a lifetime!



Interested in touring the Normandy Beaches? Ed's extensive knowledge of the area will ensure an informative flight and visit.

Call Ed at  508.883.3335 or email BFR & IFR signoffs included.